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  • R 40.00

If you can't find a suitable design from the hundreds on our site, you can purchase this particular "product" and then send us the link from one of these external catalogues: 

* Our license allows use of the content for commercial and personal projects. 

*** Production time around 15 to 20 business days, excluding courier time.  Often sooner, depending on how many orders at our printers ***  

If you choose a design from a different source, for example Shutterstock, you will need to purchase a one-time licence for the design yourself, and then download and send the design to us for printing.

Copy the link of your preferred designs and email them to info@facepaint.co.za

Fabrics are printed to order.  Lead time applies.

Our polyester-based fabrics are printed by dye sublimation which is the permanent application of ink onto material via high pressure and temperature. The design is incorporated into the fabric, and will not crack or fade. Unlimited colours. Graphics are sharp and eye-catching. Truly continuous tones that are equivalent to photographs.

Our cotton-based fabrics are digitally-printed.

To order more than one running metre, simply change the Quantity to the number of running metres you need. For example, if you want a three-metre piece of fabric, simply order Quantity: 3 of this product. 

Important:  Every screen and phone shows colour differently.   Printed colours may look slightly different to how they appear on your screen.

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